20 Helpful Pet Websites Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

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1. The Initial Gaze Man’s best friend could use a good eyeballing once in awhile-believe us, your dog won’t take it personally! In fact, giving him regular home eye exams will help keep you alert to any tearing, cloudiness or inflammation that may indicate a health problem. Check out the following

Can having a dog help you live longer?

A new scientific study from researchers in Sweden says having a dog can extend your life. Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant explains more from Uppsala, a city near Stockholm in Sweden. Read the Full Interview Judy Woodruff: But first, a new scientific study underlines the truth of the old phrase dogs are a man’s

‘Stop dieting’: Your dog may be your perfect training partner

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, your dog may be your perfect training partner January is the month of ambitious resolutions – and getting fit and losing weight tend to top the list. But how many people manage to maintain their exercise goals? Gyms are filled with enthusiastic people

Discover How The Bark-box can completely Change Your Dog’s Life

Your dog was never so excited to look at cardboard boxes? Then….something happened. You pampered your adorable pup with our Bark-Box supplies. Your pup loved you. And now, he loves you a little more. Enclosed in a cardboard box, the Bark-box contains your month-long supply of dog goodies. This all exciting

5 Heartwarming Stories About Dogs

We've all heard the phrase: Dog is man's best friend. But just how far will your furry friends go to show how much they care? We have rounded up some of the most tear-jerking stories of loyalty and friendship, as dogs around the world go above and beyond to demonstrate

***How To Stop Your Puppy Toileting Inside***

How To Stop Your Puppy Toileting Inside There are a few secrets to toilet training although much of the emphasis will always rest with you! Here are the facts about puppy toilet training: Just as when a baby needs to go toilet they go, so it is with puppies - when a