my name is Kossi Afedo and welcome to my blog! I would like first to thank you for stopping by and spending a little time on my site.

For that, I promise to always give you the no fluff, honest truth about dogs.

I will be able to relate to majority of you who visit my blog.

I am not a vet or a doctor but I just have a kind of love to animal especially for dogs.

What makes me to build this blog?

One day I was going to a park with my dog.

On our way going, we meet a woman who was fighting with her dog to cool him down.

although the dog was so cute he was so aggressiv and the poor woman so anoid that she started crying.

That day I decided to create a blog or a community of dog´s lovers; a blog where dog´s lovers will meet and help each other.

This blog will have help dog´s owner from dog training, dog adoption, dog food to dog health.

I decided if necessary to interview vets or doctors or dog spezialist who can help us.

I am sure that on this blog you will find the most informations you need about your lovely dog.

If you don´t find what you are looking for here, please mail me under: webmaster@go-pets.net

I will find solutions for your lovely dog.

But I am sure that together we can help our lovely dogs.

You out there, if your dog is having a special problem, please let us know and I am sure many dog´s owners

will like to help you.

Kossi Afedo