Five Things That You Should Know About Dog Allergy Treatment

dog allergy treatmentMost veterinarians will tell you that one of the primary reasons why he sees canines that needs dog allergy treatment is because of their owners concern after their welfare. In medicine the only way to find cure for an ailment is to know its origin. Knowing the cause of your dog’s allergy can help the vet use the right medical or non-medical approach to solve this problem. Our pets are captives of whatever we place them in. Sometimes the simple solution to solve the allergy may just be to remove him from his environment.

You need to pay close attention to your dog since they cannot speak and cannot tell you how they feel. An estimated 40% of dogs suffer from itching. This continues all throughout the day non-stop. As a result your dog’s skin gets infected. Working with a good vet can help alleviate the allergies of your pet. Your dog can live the rest of his life free from allergy.

Dog Allergy Treatment Based on Source of Allergies

  • Flea allergy or flea dermatitis can be detected by closely observing your dog for frequent itchiness and scratching all throughout the day. When a flea bites your dog the results can lasts up to one week. A useful dog allergy treatment is through desensitization technique wherein the vet will inject your dog with flea antigen over a period of time. This technique is said to be that effective that almost half of the cases are resolved successfully. Sometimes the vet will recommend natural remedies for your pet such as German Chamomile or Marigold
  • Dog inhalant allergies. Most vets are challenge as to what kind of treatment to prescribe when your dog suffers from this form of allergy. Some of the new topical therapies are by using supplement lipids as a protective layer of the skin. The vet’s objective is to allow the dog to produce natural lipids through the use of this medication to build its immune system
  • Food allergy. Once you determine that the cause of your dog’s allergy can be trace back to the food that he eats you need to learn how to treat his allergy. The dog will prescribe a hypoallergenic diet good for 10 weeks until your dog’s system is clear. After consulting your vet you can buy a store brand hypoallergenic food

Sometimes the best form of dog allergy treatment is those that come from natural sources. You can soak your dog in cool water. The cool water will alleviate the irritated skin. Grind quick cooking oats into fine powder before using them for your pet after bathing him.

Oral remedies can also work fine like antihistamines. This medication does not need the prescription of your vet but it would be wiser to consult him first just to be sure that you are helping your dog instead of aggravating his condition. If you can try to remove your dog from an environment that he is allergic to especially during specific seasons of the year he will gladly thank you for that.

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