Facts about Dogs That You Should Know About

Aptly dubbed as “man’s best friend,” dogs are easily the most preferred, popular, and sought-after pets. From their domestication by our ancestors 15,000 years ago, dogs have proven to be invaluable to us. If you are wondering how they have rapidly risen from being mere hunting assistants to be regarded, practically, as part of the family, here are some facts about dogs that will help you understand their nature and why they are very much loved.

Born Carnivores

Dogs are descendants of wolves and are primarily carnivores – there are some facts about dogs that every pet-owner must take into consideration in determining the best and most appropriate diet for their dogs. Although some scientists consider them to be omnivores due to their consumption of vegetables and their ability to easily adapt to dietary changes, dogs are still mainly meat-eaters. When dog-owners are shopping for quality dog food, greater emphasis should be given on the protein component of the product rather than the carbohydrates or organic grains incorporated as ingredients because a lot of the former is essential to keep your pooch strong, healthy, and energetic. Also, it has been found out that a substance called theobromine typically found in chocolates can be harmful –even fatal – to our canine friends. Thus, as much as you would like to share the joys of being a sweet tooth with your dog, refrain from giving him those deadly chocolates.

Highly Trainable

One of the popular facts about dogs which make them much loved and adored by pet owners is their intelligence. Unlike other animals, dogs are very friendly and are remarkably receptive to new behaviors. Since they are highly trainable, many people are venturing into a myriad of methods which are influenced by the impressive works of B.F. Skinner on operant conditioning. Although conditioning may be achieved by either positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement, the former is the preferred method since it encourages the repetition of a desired behavior by observing a consistent reward system. An example of positive reinforcement is the quite popular clicker training method where a clicker is used to highlight a desired behavior coupled with a delicious doggie treat to facilitate faster acquisition of behavior.

Diverse Bunch

Just like all the other things in life, dogs are not created equal. Depending on the breed, dogs have diverse predispositions and interests. This is an important fact to keep in mind when you are scouting for a pooch that would best suit your lifestyle. For instance, a golden retriever is a great choice if you are fond of the outdoors and if you have an active lifestyle. For those who may not have a lot of time to walk their dogs but would want to have a canine companion nonetheless, a bulldog is a low-maintenance choice with a remarkable social intelligence and loyalty. If you are on the lookout for ideal service dogs, a Great Dane or a Labrador are worthy of serious consideration. If you are a hunting aficionado, you will definitely love the agility and sharpness of the Daschshund and the hounds. When you have kids, the bulldog, German shepherd, beagle, and boxer are some of the most child-friendly breeds that you can opt for. These dogs are known to be notably affectionate and protective of children, making them some of the most loved and welcome additions to many families in the country. These are just some facts about dogs that can guide you in choosing the most compatible breed for your specific needs.

Beneficial to Humans

Studies have shown that caring for a pooch can be quite beneficial to humans. When you have a pet, you are more likely to take walks, runs, and other exercises with a canine companion. Also, there has been solid proof that dogs can help boost the psychological wellbeing of its owners due to the companionship and rewarding relationship that they are able to form with them.

Many people also find great fulfillment in providing grooming and health care for dogs which they consider as members of the family. Stories of dogs saving their owners or exhibiting remarkable loyalty to their owners are not new to us. Who has not heard of Hachiko’s touching dedication to his master and Chips’ riveting tales of courage? Also, there are many innovative studies currently conducted on the positive impact of canine friends to the social behaviors of people with Alzheimer’s and those with learning disabilities. Aren’t these facts about dogs just inspiring?

These are just some of the facts about dogs that you should know about. Whether you are a dedicated “parent” to an endearing canine, a novice to pet ownership or one who has never thought of having a pet before, it is easy to see why there is a great preference for dogs as loyal companions. Indeed, the more facts about dogs that you know of, the more enamored you will become of man’s best friend.