New sick attack leaves Queenie the pug puppy blind and brain damaged as San Francisco experiences a rise in pet abuse

pugbeatedAn animal rescue center is appealing for help to find the person responsible for beating a pug so badly that it has gone blind.
The 10-month-old pug-chihuahua mix was taken to an emergency pet hospital in San Francisco last night, with an injured spinal cord.
The extend of the injuries to the puppy, who has been named Queenie, shocked staff at the city’s Animal Care and Control.

‘I’ve seen a lot of horrific cases, and this is one right up there,’ Vicky Guldbech, who works at the center, told KTVU.

By the time Queenie was taken to the pet hospital, she was in a state of shock and the savagery of the beating had blinded her and likely caused brain damage.
Realizing her injuries could not have been caused by an accident, the veterinarians treating Queenie contacted Animal Care and Control.

‘She couldn’t stand up on her own, nor could she urinate on her own,’ the center’s director, Rebecca Katz, said. The pug had been beaten so badly that she wasn’t even whimpering. ‘She just shut down.’ 

The agency is appealing for help to find a man linked to Queenie. It wants anyone who knows the whereabouts of Raymond Gilliam, 40, from San Francisco. to call Animal Care and Control’s emergency line at (415) 554-9400.
The injuries inflicted on Queenie are the fourth attack on a dog in the city this month.

A pack of dogs was found living in such squalid conditions, and without food or water, that they killed and ate another dog.
In another case, a pit bull fractured its back leg after being thrown from a second-floor window. And Scrappy, an 18-month-old Tibetan terrier, suffered injuries after being thrown to the ground.
The agency was also called in to rescue a starving dog that was found abandoned in its crate by some trash.



The agency first noticed a rise in abuse cases when the economic downturn began.
‘We usually see a rise in crime, usually domestic violence, when times are challenging,’ Ms Katz told SF Gate. ‘When people are stressed out, they tend to act out.’
An arrest has been made in connection with the above cases, and charges are being brought against the owners of the pack of dogs, the pit bull owner and the person responsible for Scrappy’s injuries.
‘Violence against animals is often a precursor to and an indicator of violence against people and children,’ Ms Katz said.
There are also ‘people who are just sick’ she added, as in Queenie’s case.

Wanted: Animal Care and Control
wants to speak to Raymond
Gillam about the pug attack

The American Humane Association said that 71 per cent of domestic violence victims in women’s shelters reported that the person abusing them had also injured, killed, or threatened to kill the family’s pet.
A further 32 per cent of the women questioned, said their children had also hurt or killed animals.
People who are convicted of animal abuse can face up to three years in prison and fines of up to $20,000.


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