Woman brutally attacked for trying to stop thugs from STEALING her pug puppies

Woman brutally attacked for trying to stop thugs from STEALING her pug puppies


A MOTHER was battered in a brutal robbery in her own home – for her three pug puppies.

Liz Swain, 55, was ambushed at her home by two raiders for her pedigree pups worth £1,500 each.Dog-lover Liz allowed a man posing as a buyer into her home after advertising to sell her tiny eight-week-old pug pups.She refused to let him to take the pups outside to show a bogus “daughter” waiting in a car outside.

So he returned with an accomplice to punch her in the face – and the pair tried to dog-nap the three pugs before fleeing into the night. Two of the tiny puppies managed to escape and were later found by family members hiding behind a sofa.But one of the dogs was yesterday still missing as police launched a hunt for the brutal dog-nappers.

Liz, of Abergavenny, South Wales, said: “It was terrible. My poor dog has gone and I’m still shaking.“I’ve never known anything like it. I was terrified.”Liz described her pups as her “babies” – and friends dubbed the thugs as “scumbags” and “cowards” for attacking a defenceless woman.

She was yesterday getting medical attention after being attacked in her neat rural home in the Welsh countryside. 

Police also attended at her country home to update her on their hunt for the dog-nappers.

Her son Justin, 35, said: “They punched her several times and stole three of her babies.

“Mum tried to put up a fight but lost to two grown men, the cowards left her in a right mess. I hope they catch these cowards.” 

Her daughter-in-law, Kayleigh Whiteman, posted an appeal on Facebook to other dog-lovers in a bid to hunt down the attackers.

She wrote: “The man kept wanting to take the dogs out to show his ‘daughter’ the pup. Liz said ‘no’ so he went to the car without pup and came back with another man.

“They scooped up all the pups and left causing a fight with Liz and beating her up. I don’t want this happening to anyone else. Can you warn others out there that these people are about.

“They will look for ads on pet websites such as pets4homes, contact you and come visit your home and steal the dogs.”

Liz was treated in hospital for wounds to her face from the thug’s punch. 

A Gwent Police spokesman said: “A woman sustained minor injuries and is now recovering at home after being treated at hospital.”

Police issued a description of the two men wanted for questioning.A spokesman said: “The first one is described as approximately 5 foot 8 tall, in his 40’s, large build and bald.“The second, who is in his 30’s, has fair hair with a moustache.

“They were driving a dark coloured car, possibly a Volkswagen Golf.”

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